Choosing the right university

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Choosing the university which is best for you is a difficult decision with major consequences on your future life. I had to take that decision three times so far – I started a Bachelor’s, studied one semester abroad and recently started a master’s degree. Although I am not going to Harvard or MIT I am… Read More »

Anglo-Saxon countries dominate higher education

Country Pie Chart 2012

44 of the world’s top 50 universities come from Anglo-Saxon countries with the US alone accounting for more than half of the top institutions. Here is the country ranking: USA: #30 GB/UK: #8 Canada: #3 Australia #3 Japan: #2 Germany: #2 Switzerland: #1 France: #1 Only two Asian universities made it in the top 50.… Read More »

Meta University Ranking 2012/13 online

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We did it. We combined the most important rankings – ARWU, QS and THE – and created the Meta University Ranking for 2013. And the top five universities are: Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Caltech and Oxford. Interestingly each of the three major rankings named another university to be the very best. In the meta score the… Read More »

Rethinking university rankings

University rankings are one of the most important factors for deciding which college is the right choice for you. Magazines like Times Magazine or US News publish annual reports about which universties are best in research and teaching. And of course all of them claim that they are objective. However, among magazines universities are never… Read More »

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