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Study in Germany

Germany is an attractive country for international countries. Tution costs and living costs are very low, the level of education is high and consistent and Germany as a country is culturally interesting, economically strong and open to foreigners. In this video from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) the experience of international students studying in Germany… Read More »

Best countries to study abroad

Studying abroad is a great experience I can tell first hand as I went to Germany for my BSc and MSc degree and studied one semester in the US during my Bachelor’s. I had a great time and it brought me forward academically. Reasons for studying abroad are learning or getting better at a foreign… Read More »

Choosing the right university

White Reading Room Cornell

Choosing the university which is best for you is a difficult decision with major consequences on your future life. I had to take that decision three times so far – I started a Bachelor’s, studied one semester abroad and recently started a master’s degree. Although I am not going to Harvard or MIT I am… Read More »