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Meta University Ranking 2014/15 online

The new Meta University Ranking is out. As in the years before the universities’ placings in ARWU, QS and THE are taken, averaged and used to the form Meta Ranking. Here is the complete list. This year’s top 10 are: 1. Harvard (=) 2. MIT (=) 3. Cambridge (+1) 4. Stanford (-1) 5.  Caltech (=) 6. Oxford (=) 7. Princeton (=) 8. Yale (+1)… Read More »

Rising universities

University rankings change slowly. Nevertheless, for some institutions clear trends are apparent. We took a closer look at which universities have been rising the most in the last years and can be expected to continue to climb the rankings. As ARWU has a consistent methodology since 10 years it seems to be the most appropriate ranking… Read More »

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THE BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2014 published

Times Higher Education has published their new ranking containing only universities from emerging economies. It uses the same methodology as their World University Ranking. Thus, the first places were already known. The top 5 univerisites are: 1. Peking University (#45 in the World Ranking) 2. Tsinghua University (#50 in the World Ranking) 3. University of Cape… Read More »

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Overview about all university rankings

There are too many rankings out there and the following list just covers the more established ones. We will expand the list as new rankings are published. Global Rankings Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) QS World University Ranking Times Higher Education Ranking (THE) CWTS Leiden Ranking Center For World University Rankings Ranking (CWUR) Webometrics Ranking Universities… Read More »

Leiden Ranking 2013 published

The new Leiden Ranking is out. It is solely based on publication output and puts the world universities in the following order: #1 MIT #2 University of California – Santa Barba #3 Stanford University #4 Princeton University #5 Harvard University The best European Institution according to Leiden is the Swiss Ecole Polytech Fédérale Lausanne. The… Read More »

Why going with a single university ranking is a bad idea

Take a look at this graph putting the different rankings for Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Caltech, Oxford and Stanford  together. Red points show the rankings used for the Meta University Ranking (ARWU, QS & THE) and blue points the results of the Leiden 2011/12 and HEEACT 2010 rankings. Although each ranking names another number 1 when… Read More »

Best countries to study abroad

Studying abroad is a great experience I can tell first hand as I went to Germany for my BSc and MSc degree and studied one semester in the US during my Bachelor’s. I had a great time and it brought me forward academically. Reasons for studying abroad are learning or getting better at a foreign… Read More »

Anglo-Saxon countries dominate higher education

Country Pie Chart 2012

44 of the world’s top 50 universities come from Anglo-Saxon countries with the US alone accounting for more than half of the top institutions. Here is the country ranking: USA: #30 GB/UK: #8 Canada: #3 Australia #3 Japan: #2 Germany: #2 Switzerland: #1 France: #1 Only two Asian universities made it in the top 50.… Read More »