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By MetaUniversityRanking | December 14, 2013
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University rankings change slowly. Nevertheless, for some institutions clear trends are apparent. We took a closer look at which universities have been rising the most in the last years and can be expected to continue to climb the rankings. As ARWU has a consistent methodology since 10 years it seems to be the most appropriate ranking for such an analysis.

The two universities with the most impressive trends are very different: The public Saudi Arabian King Saud University has entered ARWUs top 500 not before 2009, but managed to climb in the top 200 since then. On the other hand the private Johns Hopkins University has since the beginning of the ranking age always been among the best institutions. In the last 10 years it continuously rose from rank #24 to rank #17.

King Saud University’s ranking is rising sharply.

John Hopkins University is continuously climbing ranks.

Other univeristies with strong upwards trends are:

North America:



Middle East:

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