Why going with a single university ranking is a bad idea

By MetaUniversityRanking | April 9, 2013

Take a look at this graph putting the different rankings for Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Caltech, Oxford and Stanford  together. Red points show the rankings used for the Meta University Ranking (ARWU, QS & THE) and blue points the results of the Leiden 2011/12 and HEEACT 2010 rankings. Although each ranking names another number 1 when the rankings get combined one can see that Harvard and MIT stand out. It illustrates why combining the different rankings makes it much easier to compare schools. Focusing on one single ranking gives you the results of one subjective method.

2 thoughts on “Why going with a single university ranking is a bad idea

  1. Dave

    Thank you for the website, and detailed descriptions. I have to say, this makes a whole lot of sense, and my perception is that it seems the most accurate formulation for ranking colleges.

  2. MetaUniversityRanking

    Thanks! I used to compare different university rankings myself and was wondering which ranking to trust as they have such different results.


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